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General Questions

Q: How can I locate another DSC Member?
A: You can locate other members of DSC by clicking on "Member Directory" in the member portal menu. To search for a member, type in the name of the member or company name into the "Search For" field and click "Search". 

Q: How can I join a Committee or Chapter?
A: You may join a Committee or Chapter by clicking on "Join" next to any chapter name in the "Committees and Chapters" section of your member portal. 

Q: I have a question that's not on the list. Who can I contact?
A: Please send your inquiries to


Q: How do I update my profile?
A: To update your profile, click on "My Profile" in the member portal menu. Review your information, make changes as necessary, and click on the "Save Changes" button to update your profile. 
Please note: All "required" fields must be filled out prior to updating your profile otherwise changes will not be saved.

Q: How do I update my billing information?
A: To update or change your billing information, click on "Billing Information" in the member portal menu. Review information and make changes as necessary, then click on the "Save Changes" button to update the profile.

Q: How can I renew my membership online?
A: You can renew your membership with Dallas Safari Club by selecting "Renew My Membership" in the member portal menu. To pay for membership dues by credit card, select "Register & Pay Online". To pay for membership dues with a check, please select "Register & Bill Me" and an invoice will be emailed to the Billing Contact on file. Please send a copy of the invoice with a check to the DSC office to complete payment.

Membership Directory 

Q: Where can I update the information for my listing in the online directory?
A: To update your directory listing information, click on "My Profile" in the member portal menu. Update all information as necessary, and select "Save Changes". 

Q: How can I add a description, photo, or logo to my online directory listing?
A: A photo or logo can be uploaded and displayed your directory listing by clicking on "My Profile" and selecting the "Add Photo/Logo" button. Uploaded files must meet the following requirements:
  • Photos must be saved as a .jpg file format
  • Photos must be 72dpi and in RGB color profile
  • The filename must be short in length, have no spaces, and contain numbers and/or letters only
  • The file can be no larger than 2mb
  • The file must be no larger than 250 X 250 px in size

Q: I don't want my email or phone number displayed in the online directory. How do I remove it?
A: Visibility of all information displayed in the online directory can be managed by clicking on "Manage My Directory Listing" in the member portal menu. Under "Directory Display Options", unselect the items you do not wish to appear for your personal listing and select "Save Changes".

Username & Password Assistance

Q: I do not know my username and password.
A: If you are a current member of DSC you can retrieve your username and a temporary password via email by clicking here and entering the email address associated with your Member profile. Your username and password can also be changed under "My Profile" in the member portal once logged in.

Q: I do not have an email address associated with my DSC profile. How can I retrieve my username and password?
A: Please call the DSC office at 972-980-9800 or email us at for assistance. You will be required to provide an email in order to access the Member Portal.

Q: I received an email containing my username and a temporary password, what's next?
A: Please proceed to the login page here and type in your username and temporary password. 

Q: I am having trouble accessing my account with the username and temporary password that was sent to me.
A: We recommend that you type the username and password that was provided via email. If you copy and paste the selection into the username and password fields, sometimes you are copying and pasting an extra "space" which the system will not recognize. 

Q: I pressed the "Retrieve Username and Password" button more than once, will I get more than one email?
A: You can retrieve your username and a temporary password as many times as you wish but the system will send you additional emails. Note that the most recent email you've received will contain the temporary password that will allow you to access your account.